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Naveen Eluru

Naveen Eluru


Phone: 407-823-4855
Office: ENG II, Room 301D

Naveen Eluru is a professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering at the University of Central Florida. His research covers the complex interactions of individuals, households, emerging technologies, urban form, environment and transportation system. He employs quantitative analysis approaches drawing on his expertise in econometric modeling, optimization and micro-simulation techniques. The quantitative platforms developed allow us to understand the contribution of transportation systems on our communities’ mobility, energy consumption, resilience and environment holistically.

Eluru’s research has received funding from the National Science Foundation, the Federal Highway Administration, the National Cooperative Highway Research Program, the Florida Department of Transportation, the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, the Canadian Institute of Health Research, Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies, Disney and Ouranos Inc. The total research funding received as grants and contracts credited to Eluru (and total funding involved) amounts to $4 million ($13 million).

He has published more than 150 journal articles in premier journals such as Accident Analysis and Prevention, Analytic Methods in Accident Research, Energy and Buildings, Environmental Research, Environmental Modelling and Software, Transportation Research Part A, B, C, D, E and F, Transportation, and Transportation Research Record. Eluru’s work has been widely cited. His citation and h-index as of December 2023, based on different sources, are as follows: (a) Scopus 6437 and 42, (b) Web of science 6149 and 43, and (c) Google Scholar 10,500 and 51.

  • Travel behavior analysis
  • Transportation planning
  • Emerging transportation modes
  • Shared micro-mobility
  • Econometric models
  • Pervaz, S., Bhowmik T., and Eluru N.,(2023) “An Econometric Framework for Integrating Aggregate and Disaggregate Level Crash Analysis”, Analytics Methods in Accident Research Volume 39, September 2023, 100280
  • Tirtha, S. D., Bhowmik, T., and Eluru N., (2023) “Understanding the Factors Affecting Airport Level Demand (Arrivals and Departures) Using a Novel Modeling Approach”, Journal of Air Transport Management Volume 106, January 2023, 102320
  • Bhowmik T. and N. Eluru (2021) “A Comprehensive County Level Framework Model to Identify Factors Affecting Hospital Capacity and Predict Future Hospital Demand”, Nature Scientific Reports 11, Article number: 23098
  • Bhowmik T., S. Yasmin and N. Eluru (2021). “A New Econometric Approach for Modeling Several Count Variables: A Case Study of Crash Frequency Analysis by Crash Type and Severity”, Transportation Research Part B Volume 153, November 2021, Pages 172-203
  • Dey, B. K., S.D. Tirtha, Eluru, N., and Konduri, K. C. (2021) “Transformation of Ride Hailing in New York City: A Quantitative Assessment”, Transportation Research Part C Volume 129, August 2021, 103235

For a complete list of publications see  

  • Eluru was listed in the Top 2% (197/26803) of authors based on Career Citation analysis ( in the “Logistics and Transportation” October 2023 data-update for “Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators”
  • The paper Eluru, N., C.R. Bhat, and D.A. Hensher (2008), “A Mixed Generalized Ordered Response Model for Examining Pedestrian and Bicyclist Injury Severity Level in Traffic Crashes”, Accident Analysis & Prevention, Vol. 40, No.3, pp. 1033-1054 Listed in the Top 50 papers published in AAP – Zou, X., Vu, H.L. and Huang, H., 2020. Fifty years of Accident Analysis & Prevention: a bibliometric and scientometric overview. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 144, p.105568.
  • TRB Committee Freight Transportation Planning and Logistics (AT015) 2018 Best Paper Award for the paper “Freight Mode Choice: A Regret Minimization and Utility Maximization Based Hybrid Model”
  • TRB Committee Statistical Methods (ABJ80) 2016 Best Paper Award for the paper “An Ordered Fractional Split Approach for Aggregate Injury Severity Modeling”
  • TRB Committee Safety, Data Analysis and Evaluation (ANB20) 2015 Young Researcher Paper Award for the paper “A Copula Based Joint Model of Injury Severity and Vehicle Damage in Two-Vehicle Crashes”
  • Transportation Research Board “Travel Behavior and values” Committee Member
  • Associate Editor Transportation Letters
  • Editorial Board Editor Transportation Research Part B
  • Associate Editor Analytic Methods in Accident Research       
  • TTE 6667: Discrete Choice Modeling in Transportation
  • CGN 6655: Regional Planning, Design and Development
  • TTE 4300: Transportation Analytics
  • TTE 6910: Capstone Course (M.S. in Travel Technology and Analytics)

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