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Amr Oloufa


Phone: 407-823-3592
Office: ENG II, Room 301L

Amr Oloufa received his doctoral degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He earned his master’s degree in civil engineering from Columbia University and his bachelor’s degree from Cairo University. Oloufa  previously served as associate professor and associate chair at UCF.

His research interests include construction automation, solid modeling in construction and design, geographic information systems, object-oriented and relational databases, simulation of construction operations, global positioning system applications, design structure matrix in design, sensor applications in transportation engineering. His research has been supported by the Florida Department of Transportation, the Center for Advanced Transportation System Simulation, industry sponsors and other sources. Oloufa has supervised nine doctoral students and 9 master’s students. 

  • Construction automation
  • Geographic information systems 
  • Simulation of construction operations 
  • Global positioning systems applications
  • Sensor applications for construction and transportation engineering
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  • Alassaf, Y., Mahdavian, A., Oloufa, A., Investigating the Intangible Benefits of Employing Building Information Modeling on the Design and Construction Industry, July 2021, Springer, Innovative Infrastructure Solutions,    7(3):174  DOI:10.1007/s41062-021-00527-8
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  • Registered Civil Engineer, California
  • CCE 4034: Construction Estimating and Scheduling
  • CCE 4402: Construction Equipment and Productivity
  • CCE 4810: Construction Design
  • CCE 4004: Construction Methods
  • CCE 4003: Introduction to Construction Engineering
  • CCE 5006: Infrastructure Management
  • CCE 6036: Advanced Construction Planning and Control

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