Xiangmeng Ma received the Water Quality Technology Conference (WQTC) Student Award at the 2017 WQTC which was held in Portland, Oregon, November 12-16, 2017 (Two student awards per year). WQTC is the premier national conference for water quality professionals around the world which was supported by American Water Works Association (AWWA). This established and highly regarded conference provides a practical forum for a wide range of water technology professionals to exchange the latest research and information. His presentation was entitled “2D Surface Investigation of pH, Free Chlorine, Phosphate and Alkalinity Effect on Corrosion in Galvanic Joints using Microelectrodes” and co-authors are Mikhael Soliman (NanoScience Technology Center at UCF), Dr. Darren A. Lytle (U.S. EPA), Dr. Laurene Tetard (NanoScience Technology Center at UCF), and Dr. Woo Hyoung Lee (CECE, academic advisor).