UCF Water First

UCF Water First seminar series

Dr. Jayantha (Obey) Obeysekera
(South Florida Water Management District)
Feb 7, 3-4 pm
Engineering 2, room 103

Dr. Paola Passalacqua
(University of Texas at Austin)
Feb 22, 12-1 pm
Engineering 2, room 103

Dr. Anwar Sadmani
(University of Central Florida)
April 4, 3-4 pm
Engineering 2, room 103

2017-2018 Future City flyer

UCF Water First produces innovative research, education, and outreach that connects the economic development to environmental stewardship across all dimensions of water.

Water is a fundamental human right, the foundation of robust economies, the basis of healthy ecosystems, and in the public interest. Providing adequate quantities of clean and safe water is a grand challenge to continued socio-ecological well-being. We recognize that sustainable solutions to humanity’s water challenges derive from the connectivity of creative minds working across disciplinary boundaries.

Our Mission is to unite talent throughout UCF and its partners in the pursuit of creative solutions to local and global water challenges.

Our Vision is to work collaboratively in partnerships that extend across diverse disciplines, pursuing applied and basic research regarding human and socio-ecological dimensions of the hydrosphere.