UCF environmental engineering students Carlyn Higgins (left), Angela Rodriguez (center), and Daniel Whalen (right) traveled with faculty advisor Dr. Steve Duranceau to attend and present at the American Water Works Association’s 2018 Annual Conference and Exhibition held in Las Vegas, Nevada between June 12th and 14th.

  • Doctoral candidate Angela Rodriguez presented the paper “Evaluating Changes in Lead, Copper and Steel Corrosion Rates in a Water Distribution System Changing Disinfectants”;
  • Doctoral student Carlyn Higgins presented the poster “Evaluating the Removal of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in a Nanofiltration Membrane Pilot Plant”;
  • Duranceau presented the paper “Assessing Water Quality and Cost Impacts of Radionuclides Released into the Floridan Aquifer by a Massive Sinkhole Event”.

This conference was host to over 12,000 attendees from North America participating in a setting focused on municipal water drinking water supply, treatment and distribution infrastructure operations. Photo shows former student Martin Coleman, doctoral candidate Angela Rodriguez, doctoral student Carlyn Higgins, past AWWA president Jeanne Bennett-Bailey, and doctoral student Daniel Whalen.