Microsensor Biofilm Research Lab

Dr. Woo Hyoung Lee P.E.

Associate Professor

Room: Engr II 442F
Phone: (407)-823-5304
E-mail: WooHyoung.Lee@ucf.edu


Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, 
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 2009
M.S. in Environmental Engineering,
Korea University, Seoul, Korea 2001
B.S. in Environmental Engineering,
Chonnam National University, Gwangju, Korea, 1996


  • Electrochemical Micro/Nano-Sensor for In Situ Monitoring of Nutrients and Chemical/Biological Compounds in Engineered and Natural Aquatic Systems
  • Biocorrosion and Nitrification in Water Distribution Systems
  • Biofilm Disinfection and Control in Drinking Water Distribution Systems
  • Electrocoagulation as a Means of Oil-in-Water Emulsion Breaking Technology
  • Gray Water Recycling Systems (potable water and non-potable water)
  • Algae Biofuel Feedstock Generation and Separation
  • Development of Electrochemical Power Sources: Microbial Fuel Cells for Energy Production from Sediment