Here are the latest articles about his research.

UCF Researchers Work to Reduce the Amount of Precious Metals in Catalytic ConvertersĀ 

Not only could the research make catalytic converters less attractive to thieves, but it could also help the environment.

Research Team Turns to Nanotechnology for Chemical Reaction Promoters

The new approach could mean cheaper catalysts which could help create sustainable energy sources.

Environmental Researcher Develops Catalysts to Spark Better Pollution Control

For many of us, fresh air and clean water are always in abundance. But what happens when your air turns to smog and your water becomes polluted? UCF Assistant Professor Fudong Liu experienced that first-hand and decided to do something about it.

UCF Wins TechConnect Defense Innovation Award

University highlights various technologies at a national conference this month, with one of the innovations already picking up national recognition.

UCF Assistant Professor Fudong Liu