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Dr. Naveen Eluru


Room: 301D
Phone: (407) 823-4815


The University of Texas at Austin
Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering (Transportation) – Sep 2010
Thesis – Developing Advanced Econometric Frameworks for modeling Multidimensional Choices: An Application to Integrated Modeling of Activity, Transportation and Land-Use Choice Behavior

Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Transportation) – Dec 2005
Thesis – A Joint Econometric Analysis of Seat Belt Use and Crash-Related Injury Severity
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras

Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering – May 2004
Thesis – Study of Sensitivity of a Trip Table Synthesis Model to a Parameter


CGN 6655 Regional Planning Design and Development.


Transportation Planning
Activity-based models, micro-simulation frameworks, policy evaluation of transportation congestion pricing measures
Integrated Socio-Demographic and Land-Use Modeling
Population updating microsimulation systems, self-selection in residential location choice, long-term residential mobility and explicit incorporation of built environment
Sustainable Urban Design

Studying influence of urban form on bicycle use, and understanding bicycle route choice behavior, bicycle sharing system usage, public transportation ridership, examining physical activity participation determinants and non-traditional work participation behavior
Activity Time-Use

Studying activity participation, time-use and activity-travel pattern attributes
Transportation Safety

Traffic crash analysis of driver injury severity, pedestrian and bicyclist injury severity, and highway-railway collision safety
Integrating Travel Demand and Supply Models

Integrating Activity-Based frameworks and Dynamic Traffic Assignment modules for travel forecasting and evacuation planning
Advanced Econometric Modeling

Discrete choice models accounting for self-selection, generalized ordered logit models, stated preference studies, multiple discrete-continuous frameworks, copula models, and composite likelihood approaches