For the first time in UCF’s history, one of our faculty members has been selected for the prestigious New (Early Career) Investigator Program (NIP) Award in Earth Science from NASA. Assistant Professor Dr. Thomas Wahl from the Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering department and National Center for Integrated Coastal Research will be supported by NASA over a period of thee years to investigate global storm surges. For the project, Dr. Wahl and his team will combine in-situ and remote sensing data with numerical model output to develop statistical models to simulate global storm surges. These models will allow reconstructing coastal extreme sea levels over the last 100 to 150 years everywhere in the world at low computational cost. The results will provide new insights into how global storm surges are linked to climate variability and change and lead to more robust estimates of the likelihood that certain areas are affected by these dangerous events. The models will also be used to explore potential future changes in the storm surge climate throughout this century and beyond, as well as the associated socio-economic impacts. The work is a continuation of Dr. Wahl’s previous work on extreme sea levels and coastal flood risk, which has recently been prominently highlighted in a Nature news feature: