Javed Ali, one of our Civil Engineering Ph.D. students, has been honored with the prestigious Order of Pegasus Award. It is the highest honor bestowed upon UCF students, acknowledging their unwavering dedication to academic achievement, outstanding university involvement, leadership, professional or community service, and research experience. Javed’s academic journey began in India, where he witnessed the challenges of water resources and disaster risk management firsthand. These experiences inspired him to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering, specializing in Water Resources Engineering. He later obtained an MSc in Water Science and Engineering from a consortium of four European universities through the European Commission-sponsored Erasmus Mundus master’s degree program.

Javed is currently working in the Coastal Risks and Engineering Lab under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Wahl. His research focuses on understanding the complex interactions of hydrometeorological drivers contributing to climate and weather extreme events, leading to significant socioeconomic impacts. This work leads to a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the ways in which disasters affect different aspects of society. In addition to his outstanding academic performance, Javed has consistently demonstrated remarkable leadership and a steadfast commitment to community service. For example, he serves as the President of the IAHR UCF Young Professionals Network, Vice President (Marketing) at the Scholastic Association of Graduates in Engineering (SAGE), Global Peer Leader, Ambassador for UCF, and Global Student Ambassador. Through these roles, Javed has organized events and activities that inspire and engage students, while also mentoring and supporting fellow UCF students and contributing to local and global communities.