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Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty, P.E., F.ASCE, F.ITE

Trustee Chair
Pegasus Professor and Chair

Editor in Chief Emeritus Accident Analysis and Prevention

Room: Engr II 211-F
Phone: (407) 823-2841


Traffic Safety Analysis, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Connected Vehicles, Active Traffic Management, Traffic Simulation, Transportation Demand Analysis, Computer, Statistical and Econometrics Applications in Transportation Engineering.

American Road & Transportation Builders Association’s (ARTBA), S.S. Steinberg Award, 2022
Distinguished Service to Safety Award, 2021
Roy W. Crum Award recipient, 2020


Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Transportation),
September 1995, University of California, Davis

M.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Transportation),
July 1991, Alexandria University

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Honors, Ranked in top 1)
 June 1985, Alexandria University

Dr. Abdel-Aty’s road safety demos
UCF is the winner of the Solving for Safety Visualization Challenge
UCF is Ranked Among Top 5 in Nation for Transportation Science and Technology
Smart and Safe Transportation Lab (SST)


Supervised to completion (as major Professor) the following Ph.D. Dissertations:

  1. Hassan Abdelwahab, Exploring the Viability of Non-Conventional Accident Modeling Techniques in Enhancing Traffic Safety Research (graduated – Spring 2002). Currently, Professor: Cairo University
  2. Fathy Abdalla, Modeling Multiple Route Choice Paradigms Under Different Types and Levels of ATIS Using Correlated Data (graduated – Fall 2003): Consultant Tampa
  3. Anurag Pande, Applying Hybrid Models for Real-Time Crash Risk Assessment on Freeways (graduated – Fall 2005). Currently, Professor: CalPoly, San Luis Obispo, CA
  4. Xuesong Wang, Safety Analysis at Signalized Intersections considering Spatial, Temporal and Site Correlation (graduated – Fall 2006). Currently, Professor: Tongji University, Shanghai
  5. Abhishek Das, Analyses of Crash Occurrence and Injury Severities on Multilane Arterials using Machine Learning Algorithms (graduated — Fall 2009). Consultant, Cambridge Systematics, Washington DC
  6. Kirolos Haleem, Comprehensive Analytical Investigation of the Safety of Unsignalized Intersections (graduated Fall 2009). Assistant Professor, University Western Kentucky
  7. Hany Hassan, Improving Traffic Safety and Driver Behavior in Reduced Visibility (graduated Summer 2011). Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University
  8. Chowdhury Siddiqui, Macroscopic Crash Analysis and its Implications for Transportation Safety Planning and Management (graduated Spring 2012). South Carolina DOT
  9. Mohamed Ahmed, Multi-Level Safety Performance Functions for High Speed Facilities, (graduated Spring 2012). Associate Professor, University of Wyoming.
  10. Rongjie Yu, Real-Time Traffic Safety Evaluation Models and their Application for Variable Speed Limits, (Summer 2013). Associate Professor, Tongji University, China.
  11. Jaeyoung Lee, Development of Traffic Safety Zones and Integrating Macroscopic and Microscopic Safety Data Analytics for Novel Hot Zone Identification, (Spring 2014), Professor, Central South University, China.
  12. Muamer Abuzwidah, Traffic Safety Assessment of Different Toll Collection Systems on Expressways using Multiple Analytical Techniques (Fall 2014). Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah
  13. Qi Shi, Urban Expressway Safety and Efficiency Evaluation and Improvement Using Big Data, (Fall 2014), Entrepreneur in China
  14. Khalid Alkaaf, Transferability and Calibration of the Highway Safety Manual Performance Functions and Development of New Models for Urban Four-Lane Divided Roads, (Fall 2014), Oman government
  15. Juneyoung Park, Exploration and Development of Crash Modification Factors and Functions for Single and Multiple Treatments (Summer 2015), Assistant Professor, Hanyang University, Korea
  16. Ling Wang, Microscopic Safety Evaluation and Prediction for Special Expressway Facilities (Summer 2016), Assistant Professor, Tongji University, Shanghai
  17. Jung-Han Wang, Evaluation of Crash Modification Factors and Functions Including Time Trends at Intersections (Summer 2016), Citi Bank, Tampa
  18. Qing Cai, Integrating the Macroscopic and Microscopic Traffic Safety Analysis Using Hierarchical Models (Summer 2017), Research Assistant Professor, UCF
  19. Yina Wu, Improving Safety under Reduced Visibility Based on Multiple Countermeasures and Approaches including Connected Vehicles (Fall 2017), Research Associate Professor, UCF
  20. Samer Alamili, Dynamic Hotspot Identification for Limited Access Facilities using Temporal Traffic Data (Spring 2018), Assistant Professor, Iraq
  21. Saif Alarifi, Hierarchical Corridor Safety Analysis Using Multiple Approaches (Spring 2018), Assistant Professor, King Saud University, KSA
  22. Ahmed Farid, Investigating and Facilitating the Transferability of Safety Performance Functions (Spring 2018), Postdoctoral Associate, University of Wyoming
  23. Khalid Alkahtani, Safety Investigation of Traffic Crashes Incorporating Spatial Correlation Effects (Summer 2018), Assistant Professor, King Saud University, KSA
  24. Moatz Saad (Summer 2019), Safety, Operation and Design Analyses of Managed Toll and Connected Vehicles’ Lanes, Consultant, Miami
  25. Sharikur Rahman (Summer 2019), Assessing the Safety and Operational Benefits of Connected and Automated Vehicles: Application of Platooning and CAV Managed Lanes, HDR Consulting, Orlando.
  26. Jinghui Yuan (Summer 2019), Arterial-Level Real-Time Safety Evaluation in the Context of Proactive Traffic Management, Post-doctoral associate, UCF
  27. Whoi Bin Chung (Summer 2019), Development of Decision Support System for Active Traffic Management Systems Considering Travel Time Reliability, VA DOT
  28. Lishengsa Yue (Spring 2020) Evaluating the Safety Effectiveness of Advanced Driver Assistance and Connected Vehicles Technologies in Different Pre-Crash Scenarios
  29. Hasibur Rahman (Spring 2020) Evaluation of Safety and Mobility Benefits of Connected Vehicles by Considering V2V, V2I, and V2P Technologies
  30. YaoBang Gong (Spring 2020) Improving Traffic Safety and Efficiency by Adaptive Signal Control Systems Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning


  • Whoi Bun Chung, Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Spring 2019.
  • Sharikur Rahman, National Operations Center of Excellence, TRB, TSMO Student Champion, 2019.
  • Sharikur Rahman, ITS Florida scholarship, 2019.
  • Yu R., Abdel-Aty M. and Ahmed M. (2013) Bayesian Random Effect Models Incorporating Real-time Weather and Traffic Data to Investigate Mountainous Freeway Hazardous Factors, Accident Analysis & Prevention, 50, pp.371-376. 5year IF:3.209.
    One of the most highly cited papers during 2014, 2015 and up until June 2016 (Elsevier).
  • Best paper award WCTR-14, Topic Area A, Shanghai, July 2016
    Wang L., Abdel-Aty M., Lee JY and Shi Q., Analysis of Real-time Crash Risk for Expressway Ramps Using Traffic, Geometric, Land-use and Trip Generation Predictors.
  • D. student Juneyoung Park’s dissertation won the University level Award for Outstanding Dissertation, UCF, March 2016
  • Best paper by a young researcher, Transportation Research Board, Safety Performance Committee, January 2016.
  • Two best papers selected by the Transportation Research Board’s Safety Performance Committee (out of 65 papers), January 2015
  • Al Kaff K. and Abdel-Aty M. (2015) Transferability and Calibration of Highway Safety Manual Performance Functions and Development of New Models for Urban Four-Lane Divided Roads in Riyadh, 93rd Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, TRB No. 15-3054, Washington DC, January 2015.
  • Park J., Abdel-Aty M. and Lee C. (2015) A Study on Development and Comparison of Crash Modification Factors for Combining Multiple Treatments on Rural Multilane Roadways, 93rd Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, TRB No. 15-1038, Washington DC, January 2015.
  • Best paper by a young researcher, Transportation Research Board, Committee on Safety Data, Analysis, and Evaluation, January 2013
    Ahmed M., Abdel-Aty M. and Yu R. (2012) A Bayesian Updating Approach for Real-time Safety Evaluation Using AVI Data, Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Vol. 2280, pp. 60-67.
  • Best paper by a young researcher, Transportation Research Board, Committee on Safety Data, Analysis, and Evaluation, January 2007
    Pande A. and Abdel-Aty M. (2006) A Comprehensive Analysis of the Relationship between Real-time Traffic Surveillance data and Rear-end Crashes on Freeways, Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 1953, pp. 31-40.
  • Ph.D. student Anurag Pande’s dissertation won the University level Award for Outstanding Dissertation, UCF, March 2006 (Dr. Pande is currently a faculty at CalPoly)
  • Ph.D. student Anurag Pande’s dissertation won the College level Award for Outstanding Dissertation, CECS, UCF, February 2006
  • Ph.D. student Anurag Pande, Second place engineering week research poster competition, CECS, UCF, February 2005.
  • Ph.D. student Anurag Pande invited to Chair a session in the IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, ITSC 05.
  • Ph.D. student Rongjie Yu, selected for the 2012 IRF Road Scholar Program, International Road Federation.
  • Ph.D. student Whoi Bin Chung, won one of two ITS Florida scholarships, 2016.
  • Ph.D. student Ling Wang, won one of three ITS Florida scholarships, 2014.
  • Ph.D. student Mohamed Ahmed won one of two ITS Florida scholarships, 2011.
  • Ph.D. student Hany Hassan won one of three ITS Florida scholarships, 2010.
  • Ph.D. student Chowdhury Siddiqui won one of three ITS Florida scholarships, 2010.
  • Ph.D. student M. Fathy Abdalla’s dissertation won the College level Award for Outstanding Dissertation, CECS, UCF, February 2004
  • Ph.D. student M. Fathy Abdalla, Second place paper presentation Florida Section Institute of Transportation Engineers (FSITE), November 2003
  • Ph.D. student Hassan Abdelwahab’s dissertation won the best dissertation by Cairo University, 2005 (Dr. Abdelwahab is currently a faculty at Cairo University)
  • Ph.D. student H. Abdelwahab, Second place paper competition winner “Florida Section ITE Past President Award Competition”, 2001
  • Ph.D. student M. Abuzwidah, selected best GTA, CECS, UCF, February 2015

Mentoring PhD Students

  • Transportation Research Forum, the student paper at the 54th Forum, by 2 of my Ph.D. students: Lee J. and Park J., Relationship between Dwelling Characteristics and Traffic Crashes in Aspect of Transportation Safety Planning, Annapolis, March 2013.
  • College of Engineering and Computer Science, Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching, Mohamed Ahmed, Ph.D. under my supervision (Spring 2011)
  • College of Engineering and Computer Science, Award for Excellence by a Graduate Teaching Assistant, Chowdhury Siddiqui, Ph.D. under my supervision (Spring 2011)

Supervised until completion (as major Professor) the following M.S. theses:

  1. Chien Chen (1997), Statistical Analysis of the Effect of Demographic and Roadway Factors on Traffic Crash Involvement.
  2. Ayman Saidi (1997), Using Geographic Information Systems to Investigate Demographic Characteristics of Drivers Involved in Traffic Crashes.
  3. Brian Vitteta (1999), Analysis of the Effect of Driver Characteristics on Accident Involvement Using Quasi-Induced Exposure.
  4. Mounir Mejdoub (1999), Modeling Severe Traffic Accidents at Intersections.
  5. Remadna (2000), Transportation Sensitivity Analysis in Development of Regional Impact (DRI).
  6. Hicham Aiouche (2000), Analysis of Travel Patterns Including Origin-Destination Models for Central Florida’s Expressway System.
  7. Yile Huang (2001), Ramp and Route Choice Analysis for the Expressway System Using GIS.
  8. Jose Aguilar (2002), Assessing the Effects of Daily Traffic on the Safety of Orlando Metropolitan Intersections.
  9. Amr Maarouf Mohammed (2002), Modeling the Effect of Driver Distraction on Traffic Safety.
  10. Anurag Pande (2003), Classification of real-time traffic speed patterns to predict crashes on the freeways.
  11. Om Kanike (2003), Development of Emergency Response Model for Orlando International Airport Using Paramics.
  12. Smitha Kowdla (2004), Modeling crash frequencies at signalized intersections in Central Florida.
  13. Joanne Keller (2004), Analysis of Type and Severity of Traffic Crashes at Signalized Intersections Using Tree-Based Regression and Ordered Probit Models.
  14. Jeremy Dilmore (2005), Implementation Strategies for Real-Time Traffic Safety Improvements on Urban Freeways. FDOT District 5
  15. Raja Pemmanaboina (2005) Assessing crash occurrence on urban freeways using static and dynamic factors by applying a system of interrelated equations.
  16. Piyush Nawathe (2005) Neural Networks Trees and Simulation Databases: New Approaches for Traffic Crash Classification and Prediction.
  17. Sai Chundi (2005) Applying Log-linear Models and GIS to study the Safety of Pedestrians and Bicyclists: A Case Study of Orange County School Children
  18. Albinder Dhindsa (Spring 2006) Evaluating Ramp Metering and Variable Speed Limits to Reduce Crash Potential on Congested Freeways using Micro-Simulation (defended Fall 2005)
  19. Daniel Dawson (Spring 2006) Developing Emergency Preparedness Plans for Orlando International Airport Using WatSim
  20. Yuqiong Bai (Spring 2006) Analysis of Aircraft Arrival Delay and Airport on-Time Performance
  21. Hari Salkapuram (Summer 2006) A New Approach to Identify the Expected Crash Patterns based on Signalized Intersection Size and Analysis of Vehicle Movements
  22. Christopher LeDew (Summer 2006) Safety Effects of Traffic Signal Installations on State Road Intersections in Northeast Florida. FDOT District 2
  23. Praveen Chilakapati (Fall 2006) Driving Simulator Validation and Rear-end Crash Risk Analysis at a Signalized Intersection
  24. Vikash Gayah (Fall 2006) Examining Route Diversion and Multiple Ramp Metering Strategies for Reducing Real-Time Crash Risk on Urban Freeways.
  25. Cristina Dos Santos (Spring 2007) Assessment of the Safety Benefits of VMS and VSL using the UCF Driving Simulator. FL Turnpike Enterprise
  26. Ryan Cunningham (Summer 2007) Examining Dynamic Variable Speed Limit Strategies for the Reduction of Real-Time Crash Risk on Freeways. Kittleson
  27. Kirolos Haleem (Fall 2007) Exploring the Potential of Combining Ramp Metering and Variable Speed Limit Strategies for Alleviating Real-Time Crash Risk on Urban Freeways.
  28. Alexis Nevarez-Pagan (Spring 2008) Severity Analysis of Driver Involvements on Multilane High Speed Arterial Corridors. Puerto Rico FDOT
  29. Premchand Devarasetty (Summer 2009) Safety Improvements on Multilane Arterials: A Before and After Evaluation using the Empirical Bayes Method.
  30. Ana Maria Almonte (Spring 2009) Level of Service and Safety Relationship: An Exploratory Analysis of Signalized Intersections and Multilane High Speed Arterial Corridors.
  31. Ali Darwiche (Spring 2009) A GIS Safety study and a County level Spatial Analysis of Crashes in the State of Florida.
  32. Chowdhury Siddiqui (Fall 2009), Macroscopic Traffic Safety Analysis Based on Trip Generation Characteristics
  33. Al-Ahad Ekram (Fall 2009), Reduced Visibility Related Crashes in Florida: Crash Characteristics, Spatial Analysis and Injury Severity.
  34. Muamer Abuzwidah (Fall 2011), Evaluation and Modeling of the Safety of Open Tolling Road System.
  35. Haluk Laman (Fall 2012), A Comprehensive Severity Analysis of Large Vehicle Crashes.
  36. Saif Al-Arifi (Spring 2014), Safety Effectiveness of Conversion of Two-Way-Left-Turn Lanes into Raised Medians.
  37. Yina Wu (Fall 2014), A Comparative Analysis of Different Dilemma Zone Countermeasures at Signalized Intersections based on Cellular Automaton Model.
  38. Ahmed Farid (Fall 2015), Examining Multiple Approaches for the Transferability of Safety Performance Functions.
  39. Kali Carroll (Spring 2016), Evaluation of Real World Toll Plazas Using Driving Simulation
  40. Ryan Selby (Spring 2016), Impact of Dynamic Message Signs on Driver Behavior Under Reduced Visibility Conditions.
  41. Moatz Saad (Fall 2016) Analysis of Driving Behavior at Expressway Toll Plazas Using Driving Simulator.
  42. Md Imran Shah (Spring 2017) Pedestrian Safety Analysis through Effective Exposure Measures and Examination of Injury Severity.
  43. Claudia Bustamante (Spring 2017) The Effectiveness of Child Restraint and Bicycle Helmet Policies to Improve Road Safety.
  44. Jiazheng Zhu (Spring 2018) Investigation of Factors Contributing to Fog-Related Single Vehicle Crashes.
  45. Md Sharikur Rahman (Fall 2018) Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Analyze the Pedestrian and Bicycle Crashes at the Macroscopic Level
  46. Yaobang Gong (Fall 2018) Evaluating and Augmenting Traffic Data from Arterials
  47. Scott Castro (Spring 2019) Exploring Contributing Geometric Factors and Land Use on Bicycle Activity and Safety at Intersections
  48. Hasibur Rahman (Summer 2019) Enhancing Traffic Safety at School Zones by Operation and Engineering Countermeasures: A Microscopic Simulation Approach.
  49. Ou Zheng (Fall 2019) Developing a Traffic Safety Diagnostics System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Deep Learning Algorithms, Smart Cities Track.
  50. Morgan Morris (Fall 2019) Assessing Pedestrian Safety Conditions on Campus and Technical Solutions.
  51. Pei Li (Spring 2020) A Deep Learning Approach for Real-Time Crash Risk Prediction at Urban Arterials, Smart Cities Track.
  52. Shile Zhang (Spring 2020) Prediction of Pedestrians’ Red-Light Violations Using Deep Learning, Smart Cities Track.


  • MS student Morgan Morris, IRF Fellow, Class President, Jan. 2019
  • MS student Morgan Morris, WTS Leadership Award, 2018
  • MS student Ali Darwiche’s thesis won the University level Award for Outstanding Thesis, UCF, March 2010.
  • MS student Ali Darwiche’s thesis selected as best in the College of Engineering and Computer Science in 2009, February 2010.
  • MS student Chowdhury Siddiqui, Dwight D. Eisenhower Award, Federal Highway Administration, 2009.
  • MS student Cristina Dos Santos, Second place engineering week research poster competition, “Freeway Real-time Traffic Crash Mitigation under High-speed and Low-speed Conditions using Micro Simulation”, CECS, UCF, February 2006.
  • MS student Cristina Dos Santos, First Place Technical Paper Prize at the 2006 ETCC (Eastern Technical & Career Conference) Technical Paper Competition in Philadelphia, PA. “Using a Driving Simulator to Assess the Safety Benefits of Variable Speed Limit”, October 2006.
  • MS student Vikash Gayah, 2006 Civil Engineering Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year for the ASCE Florida Section
  • MS student Viskash Gaya won one of the ITS Florida scholarships, 2005.
  • MS student Cristina Santos won one of the ITS Florida scholarships, 2006.

Supervised the following MS non-thesis

  • Jaber Jaber (2002), MS in Transportation Engineering
  • Claudio Senra (2002), MS in Transportation Engineering
  • Ronald Bodhoo (2004), MS in Transportation Engineering
  • Abhishek Das (2009), MS in Transportation Engineering
  • Mohamed Ahmed (2009), MS in Transportation Engineering
  • Todd Jorgenson (2009), MS Civil Engineering
  • Nicholi Arnio (Spring 2010), MS in Transportation Engineering
  • Daniel Eisman (Spring 2010), MS in Transportation Engineering
  • Daniel Walle (Spring 2010), MS in Structures and Geotech
  • Brenda Young (Spring 2010), MS in Transportation Engineering
  • Carlos Estrella (Spring 2010), MS Civil Engineering
  • Kevin Edwards (Fall 2010), MS in Transportation
  • Kelly Daacon (Fall 2010), MS in Transportation
  • Ronald Schoen (Fall 2010), MS in Transportation
  • Janey Walls (Fall 2010), MS in Transportation
  • Micolas Leon (Fall 2010), MS in Transportation
  • Fraya Cassier (Fall 2010), MS in Transportation
  • Chris Webb (Fall 2010), MS in Transportation
  • Angela Cardona (Spring 2011), MS in Transportation
  • Will Heikkinen (Fall 2011), MS Civil Engineering
  • Yameli Herchekman (Spring 2012), MS in Transportation
  • Luz Phillip (Spring 2012), MS in Transportation
  • Kimberly Raymond (Spring 2012), MS in Transportation
  • Gustavo McQuattie (Spring 2012), MS in Transportation
  • Ryan Pellarin (Spring 2012), MS Civil Engineering
  • Carlos Dawson (Spring 2012), MS Civil Engineering
  • Hatem Aguib (Fall 2012), MS in Transportation
  • Samer AlAmili (Fall 2013), MS in Transportation
  • Catalina Chacon (Fall 2013), MS in Transportation



Committee member for the following Ph.D. Dissertations:

  • Sherif Ishak (1998), Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Automatic Freeway Incident Detection.
  • Marguerite Zarrillo (1998), Analytical Queuing Models for Electronic Toll Collection Facilities
  • Ayman Mohamed (2000), A Microscopic Simulation and Animation Model for Electronic Toll Plazas.
  • Jack Klodzinski (2001), Methodology for Evaluating the Level of Service (LOS) of Toll Plazas on a Toll Road Facility.
  • Khaled Shabaan (2005), Right Turn Split: A New Concept to Alleviate Weaving On Arterial Streets
  • Xuedong Yan (2005), Safety Issues of Red-Light Running and Unprotected Left-Turn at Signalized Intersections
  • Emam Emam (2006), Utilizing a Real Life Data Warehouse to Develop Freeway Travel Time Reliability Stochastic Models
  • Steven Mitchell (2006), Heuristic Prioritization of Emergency Evacuation Staging to Reduce Clearance Time
  • Ghada Moussa (2006), Using Augmented Reality for Studying Left Turn Maneuver at Unsignalized Intersection and Horizontal Visibility Blockage
  • Abeer Sharawi (2007), Optimization Models for Emergency Relief Shelter Planning for Anticipated Hurricane Events
  • Vinayak Dixit (2008), Hurricane Evacuation: Origin, Route and Destination
  • Amani Saleh (Spring 2008), Modeling Lane-Based Traffic Flow in Emergency Situations in the Presence of Multiple Heterogeneous Flows.
  • Rami Harb (Summer 2009), Safety and Operational Evaluation of Dynamic Lane Merging in Work Zones.
  • Noor El Metiny (Summer 2009), Providing a better understanding for the motorist behavior towards signal change.
  • Jeanne Bowie (Fall 2011), Development of a Weigh-in-Motion System Using Acoustic Emission Sensors.
  • Hatem Abu Senna (Fall 2012), Microscopic Assessment of Transportation Emissions on Limited Access Highways.
  • Donald Graham (Fall 2013), A comparative evaluation of FDSA, GA, and SA NLP algorithms and development of system-optimal congestion pricing methodology for I-95 Express.
  • Jiawei Wu (Summer 2017), Analysis of Pedestrian Safety Using Micro-Simulation and Driving Simulator
  • Masood Mirza (Spring 2018) Performance Prediction Model for Advance Traffic Control System (ATCS) Using Field Data
  • Moshiur Rahman (Summer 2018) Econometric Modeling Analysis of Public Transit Ridership: Application for Orlando Region
  • Nowreen Keya (Summer 2018) Understanding How, Where and How Much Freight Floes Using 2012 Commodity Flow Survey Data
  • Salah Momtaz (Fall 2018) Fusing Freight Analysis Framework and Transearch Data: An Econometric Data Fusion Approach
  • Bibhas Dey (Spring 2020) Advanced Econometric Models for Modeling Flows: Application to Shared Economy.
  • Tanmoy Bhowmik (Spring 2020) Econometric Framework For Multivariate Model: Application To Crash Frequency Analysis.

Committee member for Ph.D. Dissertations at other Universities:

  • Co-advisor, Ma Ming, Predicting Crash Frequency and Modeling the Probability of Crash Occurrence at Signalized and Non Signalized Intersections, Wuhan University of Technology, China (graduated Spring 2010)
  • Co-advisor, Weifeng Wang, Influencing Mechanism of Asphalt Pavement Micro-Topography against Skid Resistance Performance, Wuhan University of Technology, China (graduated Fall 2010).
  • SHI Xiupeng (2019), Accident Risk Assessment and Prediction Using Surrogate Indicators and Machine Learning, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Yara Bassiouni (2018), German University of Cairo, Egypt.
  • Grigorios Fountas (2017) Stationary and Time-Varying Factors Affecting Highway Accident Occurrence and Injury-Severity: Addressing Unobserved Heterogeneity with Alternate Random Parameters and Latent Class Models, University of Buffalo.
  • Chai Chen (2014), Modeling and Simulation of Vehicle Movements at Signalized Junctions, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
  • Ali Pirdavani (2012), External, Hasselt University, Belgium.
  • Taimur Usman (2011), Winter Road Safety, External Committee member, University of Waterloo, Canada.
  • Karim El-Basyouny (2010) Robust Models for Road Safety Analysis, External Committee member, University of British Columbia, Canada.
  • Aine Kusumawati (2006), Traffic Safety at Road Junctions, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
  • Chris Lee (2004), Proactive Vehicle Crash Prevention on Instrumented Freeways Using Real-Time Traffic Control, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Review of Dissertation Proposal: “Investigating Route Choice and Driver Behavior,” by Jianhe Du (2003), University of Connecticut.



Committee member for the following MS Theses:

  • Clayton Bennett (1996), Computer Automated Bridge and Pavement Evaluation.
  • Habib Mostofa (1998), Modeling of Traffic Accidents on Principal Arterial.
  • Maha Al-Baghly (2001), Validation of the TP Model.
  • Shankar Ramasamy (2002), Simulation of the UCF Campus.
  • Xuedong Yan (2003), Gap Acceptance Modeling Using Driving Simulators.
  • Hatem Abou-Senna (2003), Investigating The Potential of Route Diversion Through ITS Application on an Orlando Transportation Network Using PARAMICS Simulation Model.
  • “Chilakamarri” Ravi Chandra (2003), Data Filtering Algorithms and Imputation Schemes for Real-time Traffic Data From Dual Loop Detectors on Interstate-4.
  • Yueliang Zuo (2004), Evaluation of the Impacts of ITS Strategies on the I-4 Corridor.
  • Rami Harb (2005), The use of the UCF Driving Simulator to test the Contribution of Larger Size Vehicles (LSV’s) in Rear-End Collisions and Red Light Running on Intersections.
  • Kamal Goyal (Fall 2005) Quality of Service Measures at Signalized Intersections.
  • Noor ElMitiny (Summer 2006) Simulation and Continuance of Operation for the use of Transit (LYNX) to be used in Emergency Evacuation Incidents.
  • Anjoli Martin (Summer 2006) Verification of FAA’s Emissions and Dispersion Modeling System (EDMS).
  • Kranthi Mannila (Fall 2006) Analysis of Various Car-Truck Crash Types Based on GES And FARS Crash Databases Using Mutlinominal And Binary Logit Model
  • Vasu Persaud (Fall 2007) Dynamic Speed Monitoring System Effectiveness on Sharp Curves.
  • John Rogers (Fall 2007) Evaluating the Impact of OOCEA’s Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) on Travelers’ Experience Using the Pre-Deployment Survey.
  • Dina ElNashar (Summer 2008) Characteristics of Red Light Running Crashes in Florida.
  • Seema Jagtab (Summer 2008) Impact of Construction on Freeway Traffic Operations.
  • Jason Flick (Summer 2008) Evaluating the Impact of OOCEA’s Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) on Travelers’ Experience Using a Pre and Post-Deployment Survey
  • Diana Rey (Spring 2009) A Gasoline Demand Model for the United States Light Vehicle Fleet.
  • Jeremy Crowe (Summer 2009) The Calibration, Validation and Comparison of VISSIM Simulations using the Two-Fluid Model.
  • Taylor Lochrane (Summer 2009) Evaluating the Impact of OOCEA’s Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) on Travelers’ Experience Using Multinomial and Ordered Logit for the Post-Deployment Survey.
  • Jingyu Liu (Fall 2009) Work Zone Effects on Performance of Toll Plazas.
  • Syed Zaidi (Fall 2010) Mobility and Safety Evaluation of Integrated Dynamic Merge and Speed Control Strategies in Work Zones.
  • Joseph DeFrancisco (Spring 2012) Sustainable Transportation at the University of Central Florida: Evaluation of UCF Rideshare Program, ZIMRIDE
  • Meshal Almoshaogeh (Summer 2014) Evaluating the Effectiveness of Conversion of Traditional Signal to Flashing Yellow Arrow Signal
  • Alexander Navarro (Summer 2014) An Analysis of Flashing Yellow Arrow Signal Control at Intersections with Varying Number of Opposing Through Lanes
  • Jiawei Wu (Fall 2014) Analysis of Taxi Drivers’ Driving Behavior based on a Driving Simulator Experiment.
  • Binya Zhang (Fall 2014) Traffic Conflict Analysis under Fog Conditions using Computer Simulation.
  • Tammam Nashad (Fall 2015) Joint Modeling of Traffic Crash Occurrence: A Copula Based Approach.
  • Barry Darius (Spring 2016) Determining the Feasibility of Using Micro Simulation to Assess Safety of Pedestrian Crossings.
  • Nowreen Keya (Fall 2016) Estimating a Freight Mode Choice Model: A Case Study of Commodity Flow Survey 2012.
  • Zainb Bianco (Spring 2017) Analysis of Pedestrian Crash Characteristics and Causation in Central Florida.
  • Tanmoy Bhowmik (Spring 2018) A Joint Econometric Approach for Modeling Crash Counts by Collision Type.
  • Bibhas Kumar Rey (Spring 2018) Accommodating Exogenous Variable and Decision Rule Heterogeneity in Discrete Choice Models: Application to Bicyclist Route Choice
  • Md Mehedi Hasnat (Spring 2018) Analyzing Destination Choices of Tourists and Residents from Location Based Social Media Data.
  • Rezaur Rahman (Spring 2019) Applications of Deep Learning Models for Traffic Prediction Problems.

Committee member for MS Thesis at other Universities:

  • Toka Sabry, Intelligent GIS for Commercial Vehicle routing: A modeling framework, Nile University, Egypt (graduated Summer 2010)
  • Tamer Azzony, A micro simulation-based testbed for pre-deployment evaluation of U-turns in Egypt’s urban corridors, Nile University (graduated Spring 2011)

Honors in the Major

  • Nicholas Colon, Temporary Barriers to Reduce Rubbernecking, Spring 2013.

Supervised the following Undergraduate Honors theses

  • Joseph Molinaro (2005) Modeling Intelligent Transportation Systems: Applications and Improvements in Hurricane Evacuations.
  • Vikash Gayah (2005) Confirming the Effect of Variable Speed Limits on Active Accident Prevention.

Undergraduate Research

  • Meeker E., Park JY and Abdel-Aty M. (2015) Assessment of Safety Effects for Multiple Roadside Elements, Undergraduate Research Excellence presentation, UCF, April 2, 2015.
  • Strobridge K., Wang JH., Selby R., and Abdel-Aty M. (2015) Safety Estimation for Rural Intersections, Undergraduate Research Excellence presentation, UCF, April 2, 2015.

Supervision of Post Doctoral Researchers:

  • Yina Wu (Spring 2018 – Dec. 2019)
  • Qing Cai (Fall 2017 – current)
  • Jinghui Yuan (Fall 2019 – current)
  • Ling Wang (Summer 2016 – Summer 2017), currently assistant Prof at Tongji University, China
  • Juneyoung Park (Summer 2015- Fall 2017), currently assistant Prof at Hanyang University, Korea.
  • Qi Shi (Fall 2014 –Spring 2016)
  • Muamer Abuzwidah (Fall 2014-Summer 2015), Currently an Assistant Professor at Sharjah University
  • Jaeyoung Lee (Summer 2014 – Summer 2019)
  • Pei-Fen Kuo (September 2013 – Summer 2014)), Currently an Assistant Professor at Police University, Taiwan
  • Yichuan Peng (February 2014-Fall 2015), currently Assistant Professor at Tongji University
  • Ximiao Jiang (August 2012-August 2013), currently with the FHWA
  • Mohamed Ahmed (May 2012-August 213), (currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Wyoming.
  • Helai Huang (August 2008 – August 2010), (currently Professor and dean, China South Central  University)
  • Xuesong Wang (currently Professor, Tongji University, China)
  • Anurag Pande (currently Professor, CalPoly)
  • Chris Lee (currently Associate Professor, University of Windsor, Canada)
  • Jeong Yu (currently Associate Professor, Ajou University, South Korea)
  • Hassan Abdelwahab (currently Professor, Cairo University, Egypt)

Visiting Scholars

  • Professor Flavio Cunto, 2020, Universidade Federal do Ceará, Brazil
  • Professor Yalcin Alver, 2019-2020, Ege University, Turkey
  • Antonio Froncillo, 2019, University of Naples Federico, Italy
  • Alessandro Ruopoli, 2019, University of Naples Federico, Italy
  • Rodolfo Di Martino, 2019, University of Naples Federico, Italy
  • Nicolette Formosa, 2019, Loughborough University, UK
  • Pengpeng Xu, 2018, University of Hong Kong
  • Carmen Guida, 2018, University of Naples Federico, Italy
  • Jlenia Mosca, 2018, University of Naples Federico, Italy
  • Grace Gu, 2017-18, Southeast Jiaotong University, China
  • Xing Lu, 2017-18, Southeast Jiatong University, China
  • Ilaria Mattei, 2016, University of Rome Tre
  • Yang Wang, Associate Professor, Hunan Police Academy, 2016-17
  • Ana Paula Larocca, 2016, Escola de Engenharia de São Carlos da USP, Brazil
  • Jia Li, Ph.D. candidate, 2015-16, Tongji University, China
  • Bin Jia, 2013, Professor Beijing Jiaotong University
  • Yang, 2013, Associate Professor Beijing Jiaotong University
  • Yixuan Wu, 2012, Associate Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University
  • Yuren Chen, 2009, Associate Professor, Tongji University
  • Valerio Gamberini, 2011, City of Paris
  • Qing Fang, 2011, Doctoral student, Tongji University
  • Lingling Xie, 2011, Doctoral student, Wuhan University of Technology