This past Monday, April 16th took place the Ninth IDEAS showcase; increasing the amount of undergraduate that have participated in this initiative to almost 2,100 producing   ~850 projects/papers/posters since the first event in fall 2013.

The Interdisciplinary Display for Engineering Analysis Statics-IDEAS was developed and organized by Dr. Ricardo Zaurin with the objective of promoting the creativity, teamwork, and presentation skills of undergraduate sophomore and junior students, as well as exposing them to the interesting world of scientific/technological research-based engineering.  This effort is expected to close the gap between the theory and applied engineering at the early stages of education. This is also expected to promote Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), even sparking more interest in some students with the desire of pursuing a graduate degree in STEM disciplines. For IDEAS, the students are asked to form groups and work for a final project.  They select a topic, preferably related to their majors, and conduct research involving some of the concepts learned in the course Engineering Analysis-Statics (EGN 3310).  The projects involve physical models, measurements, and comparison of the experimental data with the theoretical calculations.  Also, the students write papers and prepare posters, which are presented on the day of their showcase.  These projects are judged by professors and graduate students.