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Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty
Dr. Mohamed Abdel-AtyPegasus Professor And Chair
Room: Engr II 211-W
Phone: (407) 823-4535
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Dr. Haitham Al-Deek
Dr. Haitham Al-DeekProfessor
Room: Engr II 209
Phone: (407) 823-2988
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Dr. Naveen Eluru
Dr. Naveen EluruAssistant Professor
Room: Engineering II 301D
Phone: (407) 823-4815
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Dr. Samiul Hasan
Dr. Samiul HasanAssistant Professor
Room: Engr II 301-J
Phone: (407) 823-2480
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Dr. Essam Radwan
Dr. Essam RadwanProfessor & Executive Director CATSS
Room: Engr II 301-F
Phone: (407) 823-4738
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