Homework Guidelines

  1. One problem per page (unless two short problems can be fitted in very neatly on one page). Number all pages, and use one side of the paper only!

  2. The problem definition (statement), either handwritten or photocopied, must be put on the page.

  3. Show all work!
    Present all equations used in the solution of the problem.
    Present all diagrams used.
    Reference all figures/tables used.
    List all assumptions used in the solution of the problem.
    Show a complete problem solution for "full" credit.

  4. Watch units! Use dimensional analysis, where necessary, to convert quantities to identical units. A solution without any units will be graded as ‘incorrect’.

  5. The solution should be presented in adequate detail to be reviewed by a third party.

  6. The correct numerical answer is important. Check your work for algebraic, computation, spelling, and units conversion errors. Scoring penalties will be imposed for those errors that should be identified by review of the work prior to submission. In practice, when a design fails, lawsuits often follow. Juries may not understand technical details but they understand computational errors.

  7. Do not round off intermediate answers. Be very careful of mathematical errors. Math errors in the range of 3 - 15% may occur if you round off intermediate answers. Round off final answer(s) only. Report final answers to the appropriate number of significant digits (usually 3 or 4).

  8. Final answers are to be boxed in!

  9. Work from the left side of the paper to the right side and from top to bottom.

  10. All work shall be presented in a professional manner. Neatness counts toward your final homework grade. Illegible or extremely sloppy work may be returned with a grade of ZERO.

  11. Put your name on each sheet in the upper right-hand corner of each page and paginate.

  12. All homework problems to be submitted for grading shall be turned in at the beginning of class. NO late homework will be accepted unless PRIOR arrangements are made with the Professor.

  13. All work is to be done on Engineering Paper or Grid-Line Paper. Computer-generated work is acceptable if cleared with the instructor first. No notebook paper will be allowed!

  14. All graphs shall be computer generated or very neatly hand-drawn (using a straight edge) on 8.5" x 11" paper, and shall be thoroughly labeled.