• Concrete Bridge near Orlando, Florida
  • Concrete Bridge and Main Components, Florida
  • Memorial Arch Bridge spanning the Colorado River
  • An mix of art, architecture and engineering - Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Camera System for Inspection and Deterioration Detection
  • Steel Structure Monitoring by UCF researchers
  • Movable Bridge Video Monitoring
  • Natural and Built Infrastructure from Orlando
  • Conceptual Tests with Sensors
  • Sunrise Bridge in Ft Lauderdale, FL
  • Instrumented Vehicle on Campus
  • Multispan Arch and Bascule Bridge from Florida
  • Hover Dam, An Engineering Landmark
  • Historic Steel Arch Truss Bridge from Philadelphia


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What is CITRS

An initiative by group of researchers to create an enterprise of partnership of academe, government and industry as a inter-disciplinary generator of knowledge and products through the development and application of intelligent monitoring, sensing, material and information technologies for safe and resilient civil infrastructure systems.